Upcoming Short-term Trips to Pallatanga

Interested in a short term trip to Pallatanga?

We are always in need of more people!

Short Term Teams
These short term teams are normally medical or work team. However, if you would like to bring a different kind of team, we are not limited to just these two types. Tell us what ideas you have and how you want to serve in Pallatanga and we will do our best to partner with you while you are here.

Work Teams
We always need help around the camp. This could range from painting to building rock walls to making zip lines (but these things have already been done!). We have had teenagers to grandparents on work teams. There is no age limit because there is always something to do for everyone! But during your week, not only will you be serving at the camp, but there are other opportunities for you to explore Ecuadorian culture and nature. We normally take teams into the center of town to visit the market and our new church plant, we take you on hikes, and we take you to tourist attractions in Guayaquil. There are also many opportunities for relationships to be built with our employees and church members. Bringing a work team to Camp Pallatanga is a great way to step into missions if you have never done it before, but also great for the veteran as well! We provide your meals, coffee, beds, transportation, and hot showers too!

Medical Teams
The people of Pallatanga are always in need of medical assistance. With the amount of poverty in the surrounding areas, there is a huge need for free medical services. As people hear about the free medical help, more and more people show up every day. Some people come who have been suffering for years with an undiagnosed illness that something simple can fix. With med teams, we work hard for Jesus, but we also visit tourist attractions as well like hiking, the market in Pallatanga, and the Artisan Market and Iguana Park in Guayaquil. The same is provided for med teams as for work teams – meals, coffee, beds, transportation, hot showers and more!

For details like prices and dates about possible teams, please email camppallatanga@gmail.com or contact us here.