Isn’t It Ironic

Insurance is a noun and is defined as “a means of guaranteeing protection or safety” (Merriam-Webster).  Apparently, it is a noun that has a verb-like function offering its recipient a guarantee of something pretty huge, peace of mind.  One company offers the promise of “enriching the lives of people we touch”.  That is a good … More Isn’t It Ironic

Standing on the Edge

I’ve been struggling.  I know I need to communicate with those of you who are standing here beside us in your prayers, in your support, and in love; I simply do not know what to say.  So much is going on with earthquake recovery, church planting, camp maintenance, upcoming teams and with daily life that … More Standing on the Edge

Under The Weather

The Holiday Season has come and gone.  We had 11 house guest in three weeks, made 6 trips to the airport in Guayaquil and have been completely ¨under the weather¨.  Do I sound like I am whining?  I totally AM!!  What does it mean anyway to be “under the weather”? I’m pretty sure the person … More Under The Weather

Second Chances

An hour into our Bible Study/Discipleship group last night, I was startled by the sudden presence of a man standing in the window watching us.  Our hostess jumped up explaining,  “Here is my surprise for you all.”  As she opened the door to welcome Manuel (named changed)  into our group, I found that it would … More Second Chances