A Joyful Heart

No running water…… no electricity…… no money for kids to go to school…. abject neglect…abuse of every style…daily topics with which to grapple and wrestle and fight.  Just when the fight threatened to burn out from within me, a pediatrician, an orthopedic surgeon, an eye doctor, two nurses and a pharmacist float in for a … More A Joyful Heart


So, I am assuming that the link that I have posted here will allow you to open up our most recent update.  But you know what they say, when you assume………….. june 2017 Let me know how it goes! Quisiera escribirlo tambien en español, pero tambien quisiera tener 5 horas extras en cada día.  Tonces…………….

Killer Chicken

Seriously, THIS happened. Last night after church as a steady rain fell outside, I was cuddled up in my bed watching a movie on the computer.  Ok, truth be told, I was locked in my room hiding from the rest of the world for a bit of relax and unplug from the world time.  Suddenly, there was a loud … More Killer Chicken