Point To Christmas

Pallatanga Points to CHRISTmas

In our recent update letter, I promised to tell you more about La Viῆa Pallatanga and Camp Pallatanga’s Point to CHRISTmas upcoming program.  WELL………here it goes!

At this very moment La Viῆa Pallatanga is working with 50 kids in town as they strive to earn 35,000 points that will “buy” their way into The Best Christmas Carnival EVER on Dec 9th -10th.  The kids are memorizing scripture, turning in homework from their school, partnering with La Viῆa in outreach to their neighbors, and bringing their parents along with them.

On this side of the world, we are preparing for the trip where our team will depart the USA on Dec. 1st and head to Pallatanga.  This team will be made up of medical personnel as well as a ministry out-reach group.  We will spend the first half of the trip serving the children and their family’s medical needs.  The second half, we’ll be partying with these same kids at the Christmas carnival.

If there is one sure thing that ministry has taught us over the past 19 years, it’s that we canNOT do this alone.  We need your help and below you will see exactly how you can get involved or even get your church involved.

  • We desperately need an EYE doctor to GO with us on the trip. Are you an Optometrist or do you know an optometrist that you can encourage to go?  Please contact Rachel Ormsby at 850-502-3148 or raormsby@gmail.com
  • We need Christmas gifts to take down with us. We are aiming to take 250 gifts that the kids will be able to earn during the Carnival.  We need 150 kid’s gifts of all ages, 50 gifts for moms and 50 for dads.  Please help us meet our goal by sending a gift marked ECUADOR to:

Faithpoint Church

6694 HWY 150

Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

  • Christmas craft items also sent to Faithpoint Church.

The Pallatanga Kids are so looking forward to this event and

we are very excited too.  Thank you for serving with us and making this possible!

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