Killer Chicken

Seriously, THIS happened.

Last night after church as a steady rain fell outside, I was cuddled up in my bed watching a movie on the computer.  Ok, truth be told, I was locked in my room hiding from the rest of the world for a bit of relax and unplug from the world time.  Suddenly, there was a loud fluttering and banging on the window of the bedroom. What I saw outside my curtain covered window on the second floor of the house on stilts, was what looked like a large chicken fluttering about and frantically trying to get in the window. I sorta freaked out…a bit. I screeched and covered my head with the blankets and hid for a few moments before the thing switched windows and proceeded banging into the window directly in front of me.  I quickly dialed the number to my husband’s phone (he was downstairs) and “quietly” yelled that a crazy chicken was trying to kill me from the upstairs bedroom window.  He laughed.  He proceeded to SLOWLY come up-stairs to laugh some more.  As he went to flip the light on, I once again “quietly” yelled, “NO lights! It will see us!”  Of course, my husband checked all around, looked out the windows, told me I was nuts and went back downstairs. owl

Strangely enough, I found comfort in thinking that maybe he was right. Maybe I was just hallucinating because somehow, me having a psychotic break was more comforting than a giant chicken fluttering around scratching at my windows. But I left the lights out anyway just in case!

But then, at about 3 in the morning, I heard it again.  This time, much to my husband’s dismay, I full on screamed, “It’s the killer chicken!” Guido again, SLOWLY made his way to the window to confirm my psychosis, but he confessed that he did hear something.  It took him a few minutes to see it himself but finally, the man God blessed me with, confirmed that in fact, a very large bird was fluttering about seemingly trying to scratch its way in through the windows of our house.  Turns out it was a large, white-faced owl!!!

What’s my point?  WHOOOOOO knows!

No seriously, I do that a lot ya know.

I let other people convince me that I’m crazy.  That what I think I see or experience is not what is happening. As of recent, this notion keeps popping up in the most obscure ways.  I’ve seen over and over these past few weeks how I give other people credibility over my own thoughts, perceptions or insights. Too often I ask others to confirm what I discern only to be told that I must be wrong. And I concede.  But more and more I am witnessing that so very often the thing that I think I may have seen, really is a thing and I really did see it!  There really is a big chicken-like thing wildly banging on the window! I’ve been told that this is a gift, and in Christian circles, we call this a gift of discernment. The ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well, as Wikipedia defines it, in a way that involves going past the mere perception of something and making a nuanced judgment about it. Discernment is considered a virtue in that an individual is thought to have wisdom and good judgment regarding subject matter often overlooked by others.

So, it was an owl.  A wise ol’ owl that, for no obvious reason to those around me, banged on my window last night and seems to have confirmed in me that discernment is a gift; that things overlooked by others are the things that yell out to me as I wait for others to see it too. Go figure!

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