Kill’em With Your Indifference

My dear husband has a great sense of humor, in his mind, and a natural ability to not let things get under his skin.  His favorite response to my whines of annoyance about any ole thing is always, “Mata le con la indiferencia” or “Kill’em with indifference”.  This may be his response about the impossible task of trying to get paperwork done in Ecuador, the erratic driving in Guayaquil, our children refusing to do their school work, or even the chickens screaming for food. “Kill’em with indifference!”  One time we had a young, short -term volunteer who, on day two of his time with us, came running up totally freaked out about 100s of 1,000s of ants invading his cabin.  My dear husbands literally said, “Yah, don’t make eye contact, don’t invite them to dinner and…….matales con la indiferencia!”

While I am well aware that this is NOT the solution to many of the things that cause me to whine, this phrase has been rolling around and around in my mind as of late.  It was something that showed up on facebook that sparked the thought in my mind, not really worth rehashing here, but got me to thinking.  It seems that in today’s world, we Christians are very indifferent to the things that we CAN do something about yet extremely outspoken and downright angry over a whole bunch of things that we can NOT on our own change.  We are spending a lot of time, energy and even anger on things that only God is really in control of while killing those around us with indifference and calling it religion.  We seem to be very willing to close our eyes and look the other way when the needs of our neighbor threaten disrupt our schedules.  We speed up and refuse to make eye contact with the man standing on the exit ramp holding a sign asking for help.  We choose to kill those around us in need with indifference to their situations and refusal to make eye contact with their desperation while we spend hours arguing on facebook and claiming to not have the time to reach out.

This past week I had the honor of witnessing first hand a group of 8 volunteers on a medical team who were unable to look the other way, be indifferent or even simply say no to hard work, long hours and even some just plain gross needs of my neighbors here in Pallatanga.  They spent 5 days looking need straight in the eyes with utter compassion, beautiful love and total respect.  A group of 8 volunteers with hard, broken stories of their own, demonstrated true “religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless; to look after the orphans and widows in their distress…”( James 1:27).  We truly are honored to be exactly where we are and have the job that we have, to look dead on into the eyes of those in desperate need of feeling the love of God touch their lives directly.  Thank you team, for standing with us and touching lives that some may know what God’s love truly is.  Thank you for not looking away and killing em with indifference.

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