A Time For Everything

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein

It is October and the year has flown by.  The camp ministry has faced many obstacles this year with a bridge that was wiped out, the earthquake that kept us shaking for months, and an overall weakened economy in Ecuador.  The typical functioning of the camp has run at half pace most of this year which has allowed time for remodeling two bathrooms, repainting the inside of one cabin and most recently, designing and planting a walking garden that is almost a ½ mile and runs all the way down one side and back up the other.  It may take about two years to fully enjoy the beauty of the path with all the new fruit trees, wildflowers and 3 vegetable gardens that we planted, but if you have a good imagination you can see it now!  Thank you Lila for coming to help us dig and plant and design.


One of our biggest frustrations has been the phone service or lack thereof recently!   With no explanation or even apology, we randomly lose all phone service and therefore communication.  We were told in May that the company could install internet service in the camp.  Not only has that not happened, we have since had only sporadic phone service to boot! This makes it challenging to schedule churches to use the camp as well as stunts our communication in general.

We are however, so deeply thankful for the camp staff that have taken on more and more responsibilities this year and have worked hard at absolutely anything asked of them!  We just pray for a few more camps this year to ensure everyone gets paid!

UP coming events and prayer requests

Nov: 20-29 Niceville, FL team

~this team will program and facilitate a weekend retreat to support Rebecca and Pablo’s Pazmino’s church plant from Chongon, Guayaquil.  Please pray:

  1. For the team’s planning, preparation, and travel to Ecuador. Pray that God’s grace and love will flow through each one.
  2. For a strong turnout of men and their families from the Chongon area.

La Viña Pallatanga

“God does it so that men will revere Him”

It has been 8 months now that La Viña has been meeting regularly and reaching out to the town of Pallatanga.  While nothing has gone as we had planned or expected, things are going very well and it has been just plain fun to see how God is shaping His church!  We are opened in the evenings from Wed-Friday with Bible study, English class, prayer group, kids club, and movie/dance night.  We have had volunteers come from Guayaquil most Saturdays to offer study help for 15 to 20 high school kids in the mornings and movies or simple hang out time in the afternoons.  On Sunday afternoons we meet for a very unique time of fellowship and worship aimed at strengthening the family as we do a survey of the entire Bible.  Our group averages 24 adults and kids and is growing in depth of understanding as well as in integrity of character.  And they just love to serve the community!   We would like to pray for God to expand our numbers which would also mean that He would need to expand our meeting place!

We are still working towards a partnership with Compassion International that would allow us to work with 50 kids from Pallatanga seeking sponsors for each child and would require a program to meet with each one a minimum of 8 hours per week.  Our prayer is to kick off this program before the end of the year so your prayers are appreciated!

Orellana update

On a personal note, Kim’s health is finally doing much better.  In fact, she has been healed! In August her digestive issues took a turn for the worse and we made arrangements to fly her to the US for medical help.  But God had other plans!  Before she could get the flight out, many people began to pray.  Amongst those who were praying were a group of Ecuadorian ladies who had come to the camp for their personal retreat but said that during their time they could not stop praying for Kim.  When they asked to pray over her, Kim began to question how they knew what was wrong and how on earth they knew exactly what to pray for.  Her pain that had kept her in bed for the previous three days began to dissipate.  By the time the arranged flights took place later that same week, Kim was eating normally with no pain for the first time in almost 11 months.  Doctors in the states (thanks to the connections of a dear pastor and friend from Vineyard Columbus) confirmed that there is absolutely no current sign of infection or disease and Kim has been appreciating the simple joy of eating once again!

House keeping

Please help us keep in touch with you.  Given technological advances, we are able to communicate with you, our team, in many ways.  We are considering discontinuing our snail mail updates, such as this one, and focusing exclusively on blogs and email updates.  If you would like to continue to receive updates via snail mail would you let us know?  We will continue through Christmas this year and in January will concentrate solely on internet means of communication.  Yes, we are standing on faith that our service will be fixed by then!    You can find us at http://camppallatangablog..wordpress.com and you can follow the camp on Facebook at Campamento Evangelico de Pallatanga or personally on Facebook at Kimberly Warren Orellana.

Thank you for serving with us!

Please contact us at camppallatanga@gmail.com and let us know if you wish to continue to receive our updates via snail mail or simply via email

Guido and Kim Orellana

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