Enjoying the harvest


To Infinity and And Beyond

We are home!  We had a great time sharing in the Crosspoint, UMC missions conference and a wonderful time on our first ever, week-long, family vacation!  Yes, our first, real, full on, family vacation. Oh,  we have had a day or two here and there over the years but this was the first, do no ministry, no work, no meetings kind of vacation!  And thanks to our awesome supporters and dear friends who made it possible for us, we had a great time!  We swam with sting ray, watched dolphin shows, rode spinny rides, experienced space travel, swam, snorkeled and ate……lots of eating!  In the midst of all the activity, we even rested and had a PJ day too!


We are deeply grateful for the gift of a family vacation and for all the individuals who blessed us and made it possible. BUT, the icing on the cake was seeing all the Facebook posts from our friends in Pallatanga.  Ministry went on, the camp ran and hosted retreats, church happened, bible study continued, prayer meeting grew, movie night continued, and Saturday school brought not just high schoolers, but mothers too! So exciting that we looked forward to coming home! The gardens that have been planted  are growing!

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Pray please for our upcoming months.

  1. The kids start school on Monday and that is always a rough week for us all.  Pray for Isabel as she takes some tests that will help us know how she is doing so far.  Pray for Elena as she continues in her 4th grade material and moves forward!  Pray for Sofia as she starts kindergarten material and learns to read! Pray for Kim as she teaches each child according to their individual need and continues working on her Master’s.
  2.  The camp is going great.  Antonio, Sandra and Marta are excellent workers who go above and beyond what is asked.  Pray for Sandra, single mom of two young girls, who works with us full-time as well as studies every evening in a town 40 mins away.  Pray that she will stay strong and focused so that she can finish high school in two years!
  3. La Viña Pallatanga church is growing!  Everyone stepped in and took over while we were gone and it is great to see.  Pray for us to have the wisdom to get in God’s way and keep moving forward.  Pray for us to coordinate time to meet with Compassion International as we seek a partnership.
  4. Kim’s health is improving!  She is in week 4 of a 6 week treatment and has gained back 3 pounds.  While she is not sure those 3 pounds need to come back, it is a good sign of improvement.  Please pray that at treatment’s end, no symptoms will return and this illness will be over!


  1. COME and spend a month with us teaching English in Pallatanga!  We are constantly being asked to open formal English classes for high school students and local professionals.  We would welcome shortermers to teach!  You can contact us at camppallatanga@gmail.com
  2. HELP we would like to program and offer a 10 day camp for home-schooled missionary kids in June of 2017.   This would be opened to several missions and aimed at coming alongside MK’s education with enrichment courses.  IF you are a home school family, part of a home school co-op, a teacher or just love kids please pray about helping us out!  You can contact us at camppallatanga@gmail.com
  3. SUPPORT  The Charles Family is officially in funding for full-time missionary service in Pallatanga!  Please pray for them as they hope to be funded and in language school in one year!  Look them up and get to know them yourself!  https://onemissionsociety.org/give/missionary?search=charles