Isn’t It Ironic

Insurance is a noun and is defined as “a means of guaranteeing protection or safety” (Merriam-Webster).  Apparently, it is a noun that has a verb-like function offering its recipient a guarantee of something pretty huge, peace of mind.  One company offers the promise of “enriching the lives of people we touch”insurance.  That is a good thing!  Protection, safety, enrichment, who doesn’t seek those things……. daily!

A week ago yesterday we left Camp Pallatanga to begin our journey to Niceville, Florida to join Crosspoint UMC for their annual mission’s conference.  In route we popped into Saragauro to drop off the dog, to Cuenca to attend a graduation and Quito to catch the plane.  For those of you not familiar with Ecuador, that’s a crazy lot of driving! It really was not too bad though, except that it must have been national kamikaze dog day. Dogs of all shapes and sizes turned out on the roads of Ecuador to run at, after, and under the van as we drove by. There was a lot of swerving, slamming on the breaks and even a dead stop or two so as not to run over the dogs.  Yes, there are always a lot of dogs on the streets and yes there is always a crazy one to two that chases the van as we drive by, but for some reason on those three days of travel, a lot more dogs than normal turned out for the event!  Driving in Ecuador is always pretty eventful and the least of our worries is usually the dogs!!

We arrived in Orlando, Fl. mid-day on Thursday and after customs and baggage claim, headed straight for the car rental zone to pick-up the vehicle that I had reserved and proudly paid the GREAT deal in advance.  My preconceived (and very off base) notion was that we would sign the form and be on our way in 15 mins or less!  Man was I so wrong!  Apparently we needed an upgraded vehicle, a second driver, a tank of gas, more collision coverage, liability coverage and something else that I’m still unsure of how it benefits us, but I’ve been assured that I need it to keep me safe!  My proud 400 dollar reserved and paid, rental car took an hour and half to procure and became 1200 dollars.  We left FULLY insured yet feeling absolutely ZERO sense of enrichment or protection.

As we quietly drove the highways over to Niceville, Florida we looked out on the deer eating peacefully on the berm who neither darted nor even so much as acknowledged our presence.  We observed our fellow driirnyvers maintaining a constant speed and driving legally within the yellow marks on the road.  Our peaceful, uneventful six-hour drive was wrought with the unsettling frustration of knowing that we had gotten ripped off by the very Insurance that was promised to provide us protection and enrichment.  We knew it was happening while it was happening but we were unprepared and unable to stop it!  Yet, we were assured that it would bring us peace and ensure that our time in the US would be free of troubles and unnecessary risks.  Isn’t it ironic.

We arrived at our destination in the wee hours of the morning quite travel weary and still waiting on that promised peace of mind! We were not at all surprised however, to be received so very warmly by our sweet friends in Crosspoint UMC with every need and desire taken care of well in advance! We have slept in luxurious beds and awaken to fresh coffee, breakfast and our great friend to share her home with us.  We’ve been fed with fantastic food, great spiritual words, emotional care and today as we returned from our free shopping spree at the churches thrift store, we soaked in the measure of true peace of mind.  God has us in the palm of HIS hand.  He did this for us “that (our) their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ,”.  It a policy that you that offers true enhancement to the lives of those it touches at no extra cost.

We will finish our time here in Niceville on Saturday and head over to Orlando for some family time. We are looking forward to a bit of down time before we head back to Pallatanga!  It has been a busy full year so far and a little get away is in order! Please check out the video that Erika Lapp made during our Aley UMC medical/ maintenance team, and leave us a comment too!   Oh and do notice the new links that Erika has added here at the top too!

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  1. Enjoy your time in Niceville and say HI to the Ayars family for us!

    On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 9:48 AM, Camp Pallatanga wrote:

    > camppallatanga posted: “Insurance is a noun and is defined as “a means of > guaranteeing protection or safety” (Merriam-Webster). Apparently, it is a > noun that has a verb-like function offering its recipient a guarantee of > something pretty huge, peace of mind. One company offers” >

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