Under The Weather

The Holiday Season has come and gone.  We had 11 house guest in three weeks, made 6 trips to the airport in Guayaquil and have been completely ¨under the weather¨.  Do I sound like I am whining?  I totally AM!!  What does it mean anyway to be “under the weather”? I’m pretty sure the person who came up with that phrase was way under dramatic (or is that dramatic-less?) !  To me, it seems we were sucked in and pulled down under the weather, which was a tornado and a tsunami all together!  We seem to have had three different viruses set in all at once and some of us had all three at once while others of us (including our guests) got one at a time! Humph……under the weather nothing…….it was down right funky around here!

Ok, my pity party is over.

Christmas, despite the blur that it was, gave us the chance to spend three weeks with my mom who made her first trip since my step-dad passed away.  It was very nice to have her here for Christmas cooking and just hanging out and playing Old Maid! I’m very glad she was here! It was also great fun to surprize Olivia with the arrival of her family!  She was so confused Christmas morning when she walked in to find them all sitting here smiling!  It was great!   Then there were the Erhman girls too.  Alyssa and Emily came down to serve alongside us for about 3 weeks.  Despite all the sickness, we were able to serve in several ways but mostly the girls mowed grass and painted.  They also spent time with Olivia and the youth from town which opens more doors for us as we launch the church!  We also had Guido’s sister and her family drop in for two overnights.  We have not seen them in a while and it was great to catch up with my comadre (bff)!

A very important side note:  Please pray for Todd Charles who is currently in the hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  Upon his return to the US he suffered a minor stroke in his optical lobe.  He is OK but they are running further tests but please pray for complete healing!

New Year’s Eve came and we burnt out the old year as is Ecuadorian custom.  We burnt out Sadness, Anger and Disgust (from the movie InSide Out) which held some significance for each of us in one way or another.  We brought in the New Year with good food, good friends and family gathered around our table!  What could be better?

We look forward to this new year 2016 with awesome expectation of what God will do in and through our lives.  We are literally on the brink of launching  a new ministry (set back by sickness but not off track) that holds so much potential and hope for Pallatanga!  The mayor of Pallatanga is behind us and ready to lend us what we need to get started, the youth are itching for a youth center, and our Bible Study group is yearning for more!  Anticipation is in the air.

We are praising God and so deeply thankful to all of YOU who responded to our financial need this last part of 2015!  Because you responded, we started the year in the black, have some new monthly supporters and others who increased their monthly giving.  Thank you seems so trite and insufficient to express what this has meant to us.  When sickness is abundant, exhaustion takes over and our financial support wains, doubt begins to taunt my brain challenging if we are where we should be.  Your response (once again) to our need was (once again) like a hand reaching out to pick us up, dust us off and get our eyes back on God.  Thank you!

May your new year be full of anticipation and awesome expectation of what God will do in and through you!


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