Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad!

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here today.  The sun is shining, the horses are galloping free, the calf is head-butting the children and the roosters are singing their morning song.  Wait, we don’t have roosters.  Why are those roosters cackling so close to my window? Must check into that!

Anyway, it really is a beautiful day.  Guido and I escaped yesterday to the city while Olivia Charles stayed with our snuffly, sneezey children.  We had lunch together, did a little Christmas shopping and even caught a movie.  We had the whole day to ourselves and to top it off, came home to a clean house!  Now THAT’S a good day!

It has been very nice having Olivia here with us over these past two months.  She is attending the local high school and working on a distance study program from her high school in Ohio.  Although I’ll admit, we have been letting the online program slip a bit as the Pallatanga high school has classes Monday thru Saturday right now so she is quite busy.  We had hoped and prayed that having Olivia here would open up our relationship with the local high school students giving us a chance to share God’s love with them.

Within her second week living here, we had a group of 6 guys popping up almost daily to the camp.  Of course our first response to these young men was one of outright doubt as to their intentions and desires for showing up here.  We set some strict rules and limitations, interrogated and lectured Olivia daily.  And as it turns out, these guys ARE looking for something.  They are looking for relationship, something different than what they have found up to now.  Much to our surprise, they seek Guido and I out for conversation, they play tag with Sofia and Elena, they have attended our weekly Bible study and they have even gone with us to volunteer at the convalescent center intown.   Much to our surprise, having Olivia here has facilitated new relationships in the high school!

The question is, ¿why?  Why are we surprised? Why did it take us almost a month to see that God was answering our prayers and exceeding our expectations?  Why, after we prayed sincere prayers asking God to use Olivia and her time here to expand His reach into the lives of His youth here in Pallatanga, why are we so surprised?  We know that God is exceedingly and abundantly able to do even more than we ask or desire.  We have seen Him, seen His love, felt His love and yet while we experience Him answering our prayers we doubt.  Why?

I’m sure there are many logical excuses that I can cite as to why we doubt, why we pray genuine prayers out of one side of our mouths and with the other side, we explain away the divine.  But as I shed tears of joy over experiencing once again that the creator of the stars and the mountains sees me, I struggle with the me who so quickly falls back to the ruts of disbelief.

As we head into this Christmas season, I want to step out from the hustle and bustle and breath in the divine, deep into my very being.  Just take it in. The creator of the Universe sees me.  He, through the miraculous, became a tiny baby to tell me of His love.  It is so very divine and so very personal.  He hears me, sees me, and answers even though I doubt.

May your Christmas be filled with the inexplicable, divine knowledge of God’s love for you.  May you see Him answering your prayers and responding to the desires of your heart.  May we really see Him.

Merry Christmas to you!




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