Nesting………or Nuts?

Pallatanga, Ecuador

We have had another down week here in the camp.  Actually, we have had an entire month with out camps!  While that is not great news for the camp and the budget, it has played out nicely for us in getting things done!  But this week as my daughter stared at me with the bugged out eye look of, ” what is wrong with you?”  that only a just about to turn 12-year-old can express, I realized I was nesting again.  Ya know, when a pregnant woman instinctively feels the impending and imminent arrival of the baby and she begins to organize and clean…….everything……obsessively!  That is happening.  I have gone through closets, drawers, and filing cabinets to weed out the unnecessary clutter.  I have painted rooms and scrubbed 7-year-old paint marks off tile floors.  I have sought out and destroyed spider webs from the beams and joints of the house.  It is happening.  And not just to me, Guido is also working until late into the night on projects that over the years, have been pushed down the priority list as they simply, were non-essential.  We finally have a closet in the master bedroom (which has helped greatly in my organizing frenzy) and the house now has baseboards (which was granted to us to do after a team left 7 years ago).    So, this month, while Antonio works away at the projects around the camp, Guido and I have been able to focus on the kid’s home school and getting the house in order, albeit a little compulsively.

But here’s the problem……..I not pregnant!  And, I’ve been asking the same question that my darling 12 year old’s buggy eyes have been asking, “what is wrong with me?”  As I talked it over with God this week, I asked him about what is driving me to the urgent, organizing frenzy, or have I really lost it this time?  God’s answer brought me to tears as I was flooded with a sense of peace and excitement at the same time.  He showed me in my spirit that I am in fact pregnant, we are pregnant and on the cusp of giving birth.  Only this time it is the birth of a new work, a new church.  You see, in order for this next step in the ministry to happen in Pallatanga, it will require that we are more physically present in Pallatanga.  This means that our house, our family  and the camp need to be organized and tended to first so that when the church is birthed, we will be ready to receive her (another girl much to Guido’s despair).

Our Bible study group is also feeling this “nesting” instinct as we meet together and theirs is a spiritual nesting as they seek to understand more of His word and how to live that out.  We are a small group but the spiritual growth is huge.  We stayed until late last night after the bible study to cast visions for a church and the many ways to serve the community.  Pray with us as we seek to rent a spot in town around the central park.  We each have walked the area frequently in prayer and are waiting for God to point the way.  We desire a spot that will be open to the community where we can offer workshops and daily activities to serve the people of Pallatanga and to teach the word of God.

Pray also as we travel to Quito on Monday to meet with Bennie Gonzales and La Vina Quito to discuss the details of a partnership.  While we do not know exactly what it will look like nor how it will play out, we are certain that God has led us to this partnership and that we share philosophy, vision, goals, and purpose.  Can you feel the excitement?

Pray also for our financial support.  A culmination of factors, increase in insurance cost, cost of living increases, and well intended but un kept faith promises, bring us back once again to seek more financial partnerships.  With our account currently $3,500 in the negative we have cut our salary and are facing the possibility that we will have to return to the states and seek new support.  That is very hard to equate with the given ministry that is unfolding before us.  As for now, we plan to continue to take salary cuts that we may pull through the deficit.  Pray with us that God will raise up supporters to keep us out of the red and allow us to stay the course.


Kim and Guido

One thought on “Nesting………or Nuts?

  1. Well crap I thought all that cleaning was for my benefit……ya know for when I move in so Guido can take care of me since you and Michelle refuse……….. 🙂

    Mom (of course)


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