Getting with the times

August 2015 Looking “UP”date

The Body of Christ

Eleven years ago we pulled into Camp Pallatanga for our first term as camp administrators. We arrived with one baby in tow, a car load full of “useful” things that would turn to termite dust the first year, and high expectations of programming/running camps for the Ecuadorian Church. Within a week of arrival, we received our first youth retreat and, as we watched 80 some people leap over raw sewage to enter the dining hall, we quickly realized we were in over our heads! By the end of the second month we came to the end of our know how (you can only change a light bulb so many times before you accept the fact that it is not the bulb) and the end of ourselves! There were tears shed, loop-holes in our contract being researched and suitcases being packed and unpacked. And then, God took over.

Our first work team arrived sometime in our third month equipped with the know how and the right tools to be used by God to start renovation on the camp. Thru them, we began to learn that God did not call us to take on this ministry by ourselves but to facilitate the Body of Christ as we all work together exactly how God has gifted us to do. For the past 11 years the story has been much the same with work teams coming alongside of us to renovate the almost 40 year old facility. Currently, we have one big project that has been left hanging and incomplete. The “Justos” cabin needs complete bathroom remodel (and needs it bad) as well as new mattresses for the 15 bunk beds!!

PicMonkey Collage2

How can YOU get involved?

1. Come on a team and get your hands on the remodel project! November 27th-December 6th 2015: Contact Bill Evans at MFM

2. Make a financial donation to the project! Guido estimates that the project will cost $5,000 for both bathrooms as well as 30 new mattresses. You can designate your contribution to Camp Pallatanga acct # 408023

3. Help support the Orellana family with a financial contribution. An increase in medical Insurance and the loss of some monthly supporters, our support account is running low. Please prayerfully consider a monthly donation if you do not already do so. Orellana acct# 0802205

4. And last but NEVER least, Pray for our family, the camp and the project. And if you

do, please let us know about it! Drop us a note at We value your words of love and encouragement!

Pallatanga Church Plant

We want to thank you for your continued prayers for Ana and Antonio, the full time camp employees. Many of you have been praying for Antonio’s sister who faced a mental break down earlier this year and the family turned to local witch doctors for “healing”. We are happy to report that she has recently received professional help and is beginning a medical, healing process. Please continue to hold her and the family in your prayers as they also seek God for spiritual healing. We would also appreciate your continued prayers for Ana as she manages the kitchen and the housekeeping duties. Pray that she may have a life changing experience with God that would impact her in every aspect of her life.

As we mentioned in our past letter, God has been leading us to begin a Church Plant in the local town that sits just 5 miles from the camp. While many doors are opening to us with the local people and government, we are struggling with camp responsibilities and having the time to invest in Pallatanga itself. As you read above, due to extenuating circumstances, our camp staff has not taken camp duties from us as we have hoped and prayed. In fact, the past three months we have had to retake several responsibilities back into our hands which have made it very difficult to be physically present in the town. We are fully aware that our battle is not against flesh and blood and we need to be fully saturated in prayer. Nothing less will do.

Our prayer is that in mid October we will officially launch a Pallatanga Church plant! God has given us a vision of a Church that will serve the community of Pallatanga much like the way the camp has served the church over these past 11 years. We envision a biblical based church serving with things like: after school programs to help kids with homework and keep them off the streets, a sports programs for youth to help keep them out of the bars, as well as a program to help for teenage, pregnant girls. We envision a church where “everyone gets to play” (as pastor Rich Nathan of Vineyard Columbus states) and God is glorified through His people touching the lives of His people. As we pray and prepare ourselves for this next phase in ministry we are actively studying and seeking direction as well and partnership with the right people to come alongside this vision. Please pray for wisdom and that God directs us in every way and with every step we take. We also ask that you would stand with us in prayer regarding our financial support need of an additional $300 monthly without which we will need to return to the US for fund raising.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for doing all that you do which allows us to do what we get to do!  

His, Guido and Kim Orellana

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